Total war or no war

Friday, as 20 years of stupidity is collapsing around our ears in Afghanistan, there’s Senator Chuck Grassley doing an aw shucks interview on TV at the State Fair about corn dogs. God we live in a surreal world. I knew liberals (people that work at TV stations) were idiots, but do they have to prove it every damn day?

Crazy Joe Biden goes on vacation during all this and not a peep out of the GD liberal media. Not a dam (n) peep. Having a minimal understanding of “just war” theory I knew 20 years ago the last thing we wanted was to get bogged down with guerrilla fighters in Afghanistan. If they were partly responsible for 3,000 dead Americans on 9/11, we had a duty to kill 10,000 of them. Not to build schools.

If you think you have a reason to attack another country it better be a damn good one. War is hell and you better think long and hard about it. Its not “surgical strikes” and “nation building“, its being prepared to kill every man, woman and child in that country if necessary. Its being prepared to wipe that country off the face of the map. Are you ready to do that?

Its total war or no war. Aw shucks Chuck Grassley and the rest of the U.S. Congress doesn’t get that. They’d rather waste American lives and American money. They didn’t learn one dam (n) thing from Vietnam. Those men died for nothing. Our men in Afghanistan died for nothing because Congress will not have learned one dam (n) thing these past 20 years.

Congress gave Bush II the right to “fight the war on terror“, uh huh, you declare war. You say what you mean. You take responsibility. That’s what the problem was, we never defined what “done” was.

[How anyone votes for an incumbent politician is simply beyond me.]

We don’t have the stomach for it

“Oh no, there goes Tokyo!” – there were people down there, now they’re charcoal

So Friday night/Saturday morning I’m getting some incredible ‘skip’ in radio reception and I pick up San Antonio 1200 WOAI and the Jesse Kelly Show. It just happens to be at the point where he is explaining why America hasn’t won a war since WW II (this is 2 days after the fall of Afghanistan and Americans are tired of losing wars). Its right before I’m about to fall asleep and I’m thinking, “I got to remember his name and station call sign, this is great!”

So this morning I forget all about it until this evening. How I remember I have no idea. But his explanation of our military losing the past 75 years makes perfect sense. I know just enough of history to know what he’s saying is the God’s honest truth. We brought Germany and Japan to their knees. We broke them. We demanded and got unconditional surrender because we killed hundreds of thousands of them. Men, women, children, in really horrible and gruesome ways. We burned the shit out of their cities.

We burned Grandma and Grandpa. We burned mom and dad. We blew junior to pieces in all directions. Then we blew his sister to kingdom come. We blasted their dog Fido into a million pieces. We kicked the living snot out of them. Their soldiers, their sailors, their civilians, we beat them good. Japanese were being a little hesitant about surrendering after all that, so we nuked them. They were still thinking about it, so we nuked ’em again!

We lit ’em up like a Christmas tree. We turned Hiroshima and Nagasaki into charbroil. That’s how you win a war. I’d forgotten all that. The “fire bombing”. The very low prisoner rate for Japanese soldiers, we just shot ’em. Our soldiers were sick of their sneaky little Oriental booby trap shit so they just shot them. Damn right. The mother fuckers needed to die. And that’s what Jesse Kelly was explaining this morning on the radio.

The reason America hasn’t won a war since 1945 is because of our civilians. They ain’t got the stomach for it. A bunch a namby pamby goddamn sissy’s who ain’t got a clue what war is. And why the American public wasn’t too keen on getting into Europe’s wars. Until our leaders tricked them into it. First with the sinking of the Lusitania, and later with Pearl Harbor. People back then had a clue what war was and they didn’t want it. No sir, not one bit.

But when they got forced into it, they damn well knew what it took to finish it. And they were glad the generals did it. Better the goddamn Japs and the goddamn Krauts then us. We can’t even handle that language anymore, let alone seeing women and children blown to smithereens. We want to give our soldiers transgender surgery. We want to send women into combat. We want homo sexuals to feel comfortable in our army. We don’t have a fucking clue what war is and what it takes to win one. Total war or no war.

Afghanistan about to fall

Big surprise there. The State Department issued a warning today for Americans to get out of Afghanistan. The military we’ve been training there for 20 years and the American taxpayer has been equipping, cuts and runs every time the Taliban is near. They run screaming into the night like 9 year old girls. Just like the Iraqi army did when faced with ISIS. The American taxpayer funds all these boondoggles because some elites in Washington like to play real life Stratego.

Anyone with half a brain could have told you you’re not going to make a silk purse out of a sows ear. You’re not going to make a civilization out of savages. A functioning society out of a death cult. I heard Armstrong & Getty on the radio “but they behead people!” Well yeah, they’re muslims. If you’re worried about that, why have we been best buds with Saudi Arabia for 60 years?

They behead people (and chop off hands and whatnot) all the time. Why the sudden aversion to Afghani’s doing it? Its the same illogical thinking that makes it okay to trade with communist China but not communist Cuba. What the hell?? Principles are one thing a dollar is quite another.

So we spent 20 years in that pisshole and the only shooting that army did was “friendly fire” when they opened up on our own troops. Personally I think the leadership in Washington should be held responsible. I thought we were “the world’s lone superpower”?

[The picture above is an execution in our ally, Saudi Arabia. You know, on 9/11 when 19 Saudis attacked us and we attacked Afghanistan.]

Pay attention to what is happening around you. There is
        a good chance that God is speaking to you without using words.

Gloria? Where are you Gloria?

Sexual ambulance chaser Gloria Allred

Gloria Rachel Allred is an American women’s rights attorney known for taking high-profile and often controversial cases, particularly those involving the protection of women’s rights.” – no she’s not Wikipedia, she’s interested in prosecuting conservative men. She has the perfect opportunity to go after serial transgressor Andrew Cuomo, but amazingly she has zero interest in that. These women in Cuomo’s office are on their own I’m afraid. Justice is not blind with her, everything is viewed through blue colored lenses.

Can a Democrat be a Christian?

Wow. I don’t see how. I saw a comment on a article on the FOX site, where the guy was going on with the Republican shtick about “One Nation Under God, blah, blah, blah…” and evil Democrats, and I thought, he’s got a point. True evil exists in the absence of the Holy Spirit. And I don’t see how you can look at what the Democrats openly advocate, and not call it evil.

Killing babies in the womb isn’t good enough for them, the ones that escape and get a little older they want to mutilate under the pretense that a kid who doesn’t know whether or not he wants to go to bed, can decide that the sex assigned him is the wrong one. Like someone said, you can mutilate their body, but that doesn’t change their sex.

Take homosexuality (please), its at the vanguard of Democrats goal to normalize insanity. We can live and let live, we can see that no harm comes to them, but the era of pretending man should lie with man is over. And having government schools promulgate this idea as good, is a misuse of our tax dollars and the child’s valuable time.

“Follow the science”

That’s the last thing the elites did. Mr. Donald John Trump came out with (I think he invented it) a perfectly good treatment, not a deadly vaccine, and they immediately hated it! The main reason of course aside from that was that it could be had for pennies and not trillions, was that the “wrong” man had promoted it: Hydroxychloroquine. A perfectly valid treatment. The vaccine on the other hand seems to perform like anti-bacterial soap, what it leaves behind ends up being stronger and more deadly. The vaccine is creating the variants. What’s happening is their ultimate dream, an endless money drop of the world’s wealth to the pharmaceutical companies. The hatred of one man killed millions. That and we funded the “research” that got an animal virus to transmit to humans.

The Third Way

It gets a little frustrating when you can read the stitches on the political spin, and all the 90% see are fastballs and curves. On the FOX News site, where I saw an interesting comment, they are absolutely consumed with the D vs R battle (the game they use to keep everyone distracted). They know the cliches on both sides so well, that a mundane article about the border, quickly turned into a battle of communism versus the American way! (dammit!)

“Get Mad Now” posited that:

1.) You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity

2.) In order to give you must first take

3.) Only so many can ride in the wagon

All true. And as a final statement he made clear that, “Socialism doesn’t work!” (dammit!) But the sad fact is, we don’t have free market capitalism, we have corporatism. Where taxpayers are forever and a day bailing out banks, airlines, cruise ships, car companies, farmers and others. Where the Fed keeps interest rates at 0% interest for 20 plus years so companies can borrow money for nothing and do stock buy backs to enrich themselves and not the company.

And at 0% interest, savers (people) get nothing in return for the bank using their money. And as he said quite correctly that socialism will never work, corporatism only works for the 1%. We need to try the 3rd way, an honest dollar, free markets and get Congress out of corporation’s pockets.

Biden administration invites in thousands of COVID cases every night

They don’t make them wear a mask. They don’t make them get tested. They don’t make them quarantine for 2 weeks. Nope, the Biden administration ships them unrestricted into the heart of the country.

As the Biden administration gets ready to put new restrictions on you, they invited Latin America to come here. You will pay for their medical care, your friends and relatives will die from the COVID they are bringing.

The Biden administration is fine with Mexicans coming here to kill you. In fact he’s helping them.

[At over 1,000,000 illegals a year, that translates to a bare minimum of 2,739 a night. He’s not serious about stopping the spread of COVID. Buck Fiden.]

Sometimes you got to ask yourself why?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

As a kid I was the epitome of gullibility, not no more. There are two things I don’t understand, the coverage of ‘AOC’ and the perception of her. The FOX News site today had the gazillionth article on her. Why? Why have you given this self avowed socialist millions of dollars in free press? She hasn’t served three years, why have you made her into the powerhouse she is? You haven’t done two articles on Marjorie Taylor Greene (picture below). She’s new to the House. She thinks exactly like Trump. Why haven’t you given her millions of dollars of free publicity?

The perception of AOC from the Republican base is another puzzler. For the most part they hate her. Generally they don’t make a personality the enemy. Some did with Hillary, and some did with Obama, but not like Democrats do. And especially like they did with Trump. The hatred the base feels towards AOC approaches the hatred Democrats feel towards Trump. They call her a socialist, she’s never claimed to be anything else. They call her “stupid”. She defeated an incumbent from her own party to become a Representative, is that something a stupid person accomplishes? She’s quickly become one of the most influential people in Washington, is that the sign of a retard?

And then you have Marjorie Taylor Greene The mirror image of the most popular Republican President in history, and virtually ignored by the conservative media.

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