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One Nation?

The left wants to destroy Elon Musk for threatening to bring free speech to Twitter

Not anymore. Back in the day after every election the columnist in the local newspaper (ink impregnated paper that they delivered to your door) would say something to the effect, which ever side won, “In the end, we’re all Americans“. You can’t say that anymore. For the past 7 years communist subversives rioted in the streets mainly because Donald Trump was running for president, then that he won, then that he was president.

Call me silly, but I don’t remember that happening in the past 60 years or so. People marched against the draft, they marched for “women’s rights”, they marched for the right to kill babies, they marched because they were black, they marched for a lot of reasons, but I don’t remember them marching because of one man. Especially one who just wanted to make America great again.

Of course it wasn’t because of that one man, it was what he represented. They knew instinctively he was a threat to every stupid thing they stood for. Right now another thing they are going batshit crazy over is the idea of Elon Musk buying Twitter. And Kanye West buying Parlor. And Trump’s Truth Social getting off the ground. They’re not for free speech they are for cancelling the opposition.

Tucker: The freedom that matters is the freedom to speak your mind, the freedom of speech. That’s the most basic and essential of all the freedoms, and that’s why it’s enshrined in the very First Amendment to the Bill of Rights… Authoritarians understand this above all. That’s why they hate freedom of speech. In fact, if you gave them a choice, they’d let you have a fully automatic, 50 caliber machine gun before they allowed you to say exactly what you want. With the gun, you might be able to kill people, but with words, you can expose them.

Talk of a ‘New World Order’ in 1940?

There’s so much fake crap on the internet you don’t know what’s true and what’s not. But it is intriguing when you consider the implications.

Welcome to my world Jake! You little fucking pussy. And its not “a” far-right social media platform, its “the” far-right social media platform.

[Below is the thought from ‘lovelymiss’ on Gab about Jake’s “report”. Further evidence that Jake Tapper is the anti-Christ]

I went & listened to that CNN piece about blab. He was very upset about the hate & racism. How the White people say “the n-word” & do antisemitism. It was just disgusting.

Oddly enough, never once in the history of ever has any media outlet been upset about blacks on Twitter saying they’re gonna rape the White women or jews everywhere talking about how all White peoples should be genocided.

Financial phenomena

Three or 4 years ago I thought I had discovered a trend with the stock markets. I think ‘pattern’ is the word I meant to use. I’ve noticed in my life that when life’s rhythms change I ask why is that? I thought I would use this skill (?) to be an incredible “market timer”! Knowing just when to invest and becoming fabulously wealthy. It just hasn’t happened quite yet.

The calendar I put up is a payday calendar for those on a 26 pay period per year pay schedule (most people). Probably the largest influx of money the market sees is when the country’s largest employer (the federal government) buys stocks for the Thrift Savings Plan. Domestically there is the S&P 500 fund the ‘C’ Fund, and the Russell 200 Index fund the ‘S’ Fund.

38 years ago the Federal Employees Retirement System replaced the Civil Service retirement system. The new system is more like an employer match 401K style where the employee chooses what combination to invest in from stocks, bonds and a special ‘G’ Fund of government securities.

That purchase happens on the Wednesday in between the payday Fridays, which happens to be today, Wednesday the 12th of October. The market is holding its own today or is slightly up. Its been cratering a lot lately, but as I’ve noticed over the years, it may be falling like a rock all week, but it won’t be on “buy Wednesdays”. I don’t have the time patience or ability to chart this over the nearly 40 years of the Thrift Savings Plan, but I just have the darndest hunch I’m right.

The various stock exchanges pay brokerage houses like Robin Hood and Vanguard to find out buyer trends. They want to know before the buy order comes in what that order is. They manipulate that knowledge to set stock prices. And when it gets to the point where things are not going in their favor (think meme stocks GME, BBB, AMC etc) they’ll just shutdown trading as they have many times over the past 2 years.

So ever since they’ve known (for 40 years) when the biggest stock purchases will be twice a month, it would not surprise me in the least to know they make damn sure to keep prices high those 2 Wednesdays a month. This was the plebes are getting the least for their money.

Brandon Smith has it figured out

“Markets Are Expecting The Federal Reserve To Save Them – It’s Not Going To Happen”

My God I love a “real” article! Most financial articles are bullshit. I saw this article on, it was originally published for the Birch Gold Group. The bottom line is Brandon says (and backs up with quotes from 10 and 20 years ago), is that the Federal Reserve knows exactly what the consequences of its actions are, and don’t let them say otherwise.

He quotes the current chair Powell from 2012 outlining what would happen if the Fed tightened money supply and hiked interest rates at this time. He quotes former chair Bernanke saying the same thing. But he saved the best for last! At the end of the article he quotes Bernanke at an event in 2001 saying about 1929, “You’re damn right I ordered the Code Red!” (that was a joke) But its the same thing. He said about the Great Depression, “Yes we did it.” We didn’t mean to and we won’t do it again, but the exaggerated financial destruction was on us.

Finally. And that is what I meant earlier about bullshit financial articles, they always come up with these ridiculous narratives like “Smoot-Hawley” caused the depression and stuff like that. And finally we have a Fed Chairman saying yes we were blithering idiots to have tightened money supply at the same time we were raising interest rates (like they are doing right now).

But to the point! With inflation pressures, rising interest rates, the globalists wanting a “great reset”, the financial markets are primed for a “perfect storm”. By that I mean the DOW taking a hit of 50% to 75%. Think about that. That’s slightly on par with 2008, and right in line with 1929.

As Brandon says in the article, the severity of 1929 was on purpose at the behest of international bankers to consolidate wealth and power in their hands. The media then and ever since has used the same playbook, “It’s the end of the world, get out of the market!” No, its not the time to get out of the market.

You either get out of the market before the collapse, or you buy! Buy! Buy! There have been really few ‘out of this world’ buying opportunities, and generally only one per lifetime. 1929, 1973, 1987, 2001, 2008. There could be others, but those are the dates that stick out with me. Another was March 17 of 2020. It was just a one day “COVID” thing at the start of the Toilet Paper Apocalypse”.

1987’s was pretty much a one day in October thing also. But man the one that really hurt was 1929. They’d used their buddies in the media to drive people out of the market with fear. There’s a great story of a secretary who thought for herself in either Pennsylvania or New Jersey, and she saw what was going on and she bought stocks like crazy. She ended up owning one of the most expensive hotels in Washington DC.

People always like to use the example of Joseph P. Kennedy Sr who cleaned up when the market crashed in ’29. He had liquidity, cash. That’s what I heard on YouTube the other day from a former hedge fund manager that Greg Hunter (USA Watchdog) was interviewing. His take was the same from Brandon’s article, the collapse is coming, there’s no more wiggle room, they’ve exhausted the “print your way to prosperity idea!”

His advice was hold cash in your investment portfolio. Be at max liquidity. Because at those times I listed above, with the exception of 1929, the markets rebounded within 18 to 36 months. People on cruise control who just keep dollar cost averaging into the market will do great. But if you want to do incredible, buy at the bottom. Do not get out at the bottom.

[At the end of Brandon’s article was a gold commercial. I thought geez is that what this was all about? But I swear the info he gave out was solid, despite it being written for the Birch Gold Group. There is not a legitimate precious metals market. If there was prices would be going through the roof, they’re actually down at the moment. But the metals market has been distorted forever by something called “paper gold”. The COMEX.]

“Memphis activist describes efforts to build relationship between police, community to decrease crime”

Detrick Saulter

FOX News site had a well meaning article featuring a well meaning activist on a well meaning topic, that was full of crap. “Relationship building” isn’t going to solve what ails Memphis. It’s black people. Not all, but a damn good percentage. My original comment after the article came across as a little harsh, but I see now where I was going with it.

Come on man, everybody knows what the problem is in Memphis or any big city. Black culture is diseased and deadly because the black family is not intact. There’s no spiritual or moral basis for their existence.”

What’s the incentive for a young black kid to study hard, get good grades so he can graduate and get a job? He’s going to be on welfare. What’s the incentive to be frugal and responsible with your money, maintain a good credit to get a home loan? He’s going to be in Section 8 housing. What’s the incentive to get a good job that has a great health plan? He’s going to be on Medicaid.

No of course not all blacks, but if any responsible person is going to sit there and tell me there’s not a problem with the black family they are goddamn liars. It traces back to 1965 and the welfare state replacing the father in the black home. And people like in this article in the year 2022 are going to dance around and address everything but the real problem just blows me away. 57 years later and people are still lying.


Conservatives: “America is a nation of ideas, has nothing to do with race. We need to make it great again.”

Also conservatives: America started going downhill after the 70’s.

USA White population.
1790- 80.7%
1800- 81.1%
1810- 81.0%
1820- 81.6%
1830- 81.9%
1840- 83.2%
1850- 84.3%
1860- 85.6%
1870- 87.1%
1880- 86.5%
1890- 87.5%
1900- 87.9%
1910- 88.9%
1920- 89.7%
1930- 89.8%
1940- 89.8%
1950- 89.5%
1960- 88.6%
1970- 87.7%
1980- 83.1%
1990- 80.3%
2000- 75.1%
2010- 72.4%
2020- 60.1%

There are no white 3rd world nations, which explains why we are now. We are now officially a shit hole. No better than Haiti.

Thanks Chuck!

When I was accosted by mexican street beggars in Ankeny this morning two thoughts came to mind:

1.) Thanks for the open borders Sen. Chuck Grassley!

2.) Can you imagine what those poor Americans who live in big cities or border states go through every day??

My god! It’s 10 fold what I experience, 100 fold! Congress should be brought up on charges for what they have done to this country. It’s criminal. Traitorous. Treasonous.

I never understood why we had to go to Latin America to import welfare recipients? We have Americans that will do that, we didn’t have to go to Latin America for welfare bums.

(in a whiny liberal voice) “She’s a fascist! She’s a fascist!”

Goddamn liberals make me puke. Puke! Somebody who is for God, family and country wins and the go screaming into the night peeing their pants with their hair on fire! Goodnight. More and more people are onto the schemes of the goddamn globalists and it scare the hell out of them. France and the U.S. would have done it too only the Deep State is able to steal the elections in those two countries.