Skid row

I remember hearing about LA’s ‘skid row’ as a kid back in the 60s. The picture in my mind was grizzled WW II vets down on their luck, flannel shirts with their sleeves rolled up. Khaki pants and an olive drab ball cap. Grifting for every meal and a pack of ‘smokes’. I thought it kind of odd you’d have a place “designated” for the down and out. But what did I know, I was just a kid.

Flash forward 50 years. 2019. Its worse. Way worse. Downtown. Outside of town. All over town. Its worse. YouTube has some fascinating footage from way back. I first found it with film footage of New York City from around 1910, 1902, 1915. Fascinating! Not stiff photos, actual film. People from over a hundred years ago, smiling, walking, laughing, photo bombing the camera! It is simply wonderful to see a part of these people’s lives who are long since dead.

Then I discovered the footage from Los Angeles. The 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. People driving in and around LA with a home movie camera. You see the people, the stores, the cars, the parks, the homes, the shops, the factories! Ah the factories. Up through the 1960s LA had huge Ford and GM plants. What do you suppose comes with factory jobs?

Good wages. A good tax base for city government. Home building. Well funded schools. Stores to sell goods to those “factory guys”. Cafeterias, auto shops, clothing stores, shoe stores, toy stores and on and on. What else do you see in those “old” films? Happy people, well dressed people, healthy, contented, productive people. Clean streets, tidy neighborhoods. Heaven.

What do you see now? Like in the video above? Tent cities. People using sidewalks for their bathroom. People on the eve of destruction. No jobs. Their lives bottomed out by drug or alcohol abuse. No hope. The pit of despair. But they did ban straws. They did declare themselves “sanctuary cities” so they could hold on to their criminal aliens and not let mean old Trump deport them.

What do you suppose happened to the tax base? The tax base that was the strongest in the world just 50 years ago? How did all this happen in just 1 lifetime? What kind of “leaders”, city, state and federal, could take the greatest nation on earth, and make it look like 3rd world Haiti? Why 1 stone is still standing in DC is beyond me.

“Typhoid scare grips Skid Row.”

This stuff is obvious

Its the year 2019 and the only thing that stands between civilization and savagery is a Narwhal tusk and a fire extinguisher. These countries invite savages in to prey upon the citizenry and the citizens have to make do with rocks and sticks to defend themselves?? I don’t see how the UK survives.

Our government lets Mexico invade this country the past 50 years. People just blindly accept the murder and mayhem that goes with an unsecure border. The flood of drugs and gang members. Its nuts. Why people aren’t remodeling the Capitol is beyond me. The Democrats can’t beat Trump at the ballot box so they think they can remove him through impeachment.

Citizenship should be a privilege

The United States has an unusually high percentage of retards running its government. Donald Trump’s idea that the government should put the interests of America first, is controversial. How that’s possible I’m not sure, but it is. Other countries aren’t so conflicted, they adopt an f-you attitude as easy as breathing. When it comes to immigration, America used to display some common sense, but not since the 1965 Immigration Act.

For the last 50 years or so the rough percentage (8 of 10) of legal immigrants to this country have been from just 2 countries, China and Mexico.

Which is ridiculous of course. With 200 countries in the world no one country should have a higher percentage than .5%, not 2 countries having 40% each. Idiot Liberals should know this best with their constant bleating about ‘diversity’. Which brings me to the video I posted at the top of the page.

Tim Tebow posted a tribute to his recently passed dog. A rather homely Rhodesian Ridgeback named ‘Bronco’, but Tim liked him. The last 5 years or so on social media I have noticed this love of cats and dogs. Americans love their pets. They spent $87 billion on them last year. Chinese eat dogs. Do you see the difference? Eat versus love?

You see you have to think about these things when you bring people like that into your country. Citizenship in America should be a privilege, not a right. How do their values match up with the native population? Are they a good fit? Is your country strengthened or weakened by their addition? See when you bring in godless communists that eat dogs (and cats), into a Judeo/Christian country, that’s a bad match.

What’s good for America? That’s the only question that should be asked.

Most of the countries in the world are a bad match. There are a few European countries that are a good match, they’re the ones we came from! Most people around the world aren’t up to American standards. That’s why those countries are shitholes. That’s why you want to take very small percentages from these countries. And let the melting pot effect make them like us, not us like them.

But instead we have brought in such huge percentages from just a few countries, they have clustered into ethnic enclaves, maintaining the ways of their home countries. Which are shitholes. That’s not good. What happens is they don’t vote American. They don’t act American. They don’t become American.

Because guess what kind of people come from shitholes? Shitheads. See how that works? You don’t want to make America a country of shitheads. That’s bad. I hope I haven’t been too technical for you? When you import the 3rd world, you become the 3rd world.

FOX News: “Mormons flee Mexico for U.S.”

After Mexican savages wiped out a Mormon family a lot of people are waking up to the fact Mexico is a shithole. Today there is a story of cartel members ambushing and killing 5 Mexican police. Yesterday another atrocity, and the day before that still another. Mexico was “formed” in 1826. It was, is, and always will be a shithole. A lot of people can’t accept that. A lot of people want to believe Mexican behavior is a one off and not the norm. Ha.

Its all pretty simple really. Up until 1492 (or so) North and South America shared the same gene pool. What we used to call “Indians”. They use that term today to identify persons in Latin America who keep traditional ways and use a dialect other than Spanish. Long story short, they were a collection of savages, some more violent, some less so.

The epitome of their depravity were the Aztecs. This hemisphere lived (died) in the true realization of “survival of the fittest”. All the tribes practiced their own form of sickness upon the tribes they conquered, the Aztecs simply ruled the most the longest. It wasn’t till the last 30 years or so the extent of their barbarism was made public. How long anthropologists have known is unclear.

Aztec culture was an extremely bloody one. Picture the most twisted serial killer of today, and imagine an entire culture organized to foster and further that sickness. An entire race of blood thirsty people lacking a God given conscience of the Holy Spirit. No one on their shoulder saying “Don’t do that.” They did it.

Speaking of God, much is made of Latin America today being a ‘Catholic culture’. Ha. They’re cultural Catholics for sure, not bible believing Christians. For many (most?) the teachings of the missionaries never really took. Maybe I’m being too harsh. Up until recently they did have one quality putting them far above U.S. culture, abortion was really taboo.

But whether you want to call the indigenous peoples of these 2 continents “Indians” or some other name, their shared gene pool had in common a really debilitating trait that is never talked about: alcoholism. Just as Irish and Norwegians also have this trait. From Alaska to Cape Horn the native populations are completely vulnerable to alcohol.

This aversion to “ripping off the scab” and really examining a sensitive subject is a modern phenomena. Sweeping it under the rug does no good. It just allows it to continue. Modern society simply functions as an enabler by doing so. The enabler is just as bad as the alcoholic. The patient won’t get better until he hits bottom and sees for himself the need for change.

America (the enabler) guarantees the patient will never get well, by forever being the pressure relief valve for Latin America by allowing illegal immigration. Most people are sheep, and when societal spark plugs are allowed to flee their corrupt society, rather than be forced to stay there and fight, nothing ever changes. They just go for a “geographic solution”. Just as the individual drunk does.

No one will ever read this, and it wouldn’t matter if they did. For some reason people are really stupid. Oh they’re much smarter than I navigating through life, yet completely incapable of understanding it. The United States formed the greatest culture in the world as a direct result of Christian Europeans. Latin American society on the other hand was organized by a bunch of drunk savages. Without constraints.

Some were nice people, but obviously the majority are wholly incapable of civilized behavior. Instead of cutting out the heart from their living captive and rolling them down the pyramid as the Aztecs did, they practice their modern barbarism through the heinous acts of the drug cartels. Gunpowder has replaced knives.

[And a video from 2012 that explains it all. Something the media will never tell you.]

What was God thinking?

I was thinking the other day I’ve been listening to radio preachers since 1970 or so. My first remembrance was of Oral Roberts. He’d open his broadcast with, “Something good is going to happen to you TODAY!” It was kind of neat hearing that optimism that something good was going to happen to me! I suppose that was somewhat strange itself that a 11 or 12 year old boy back then was listening to the radio that much and preachers at that!

Its interesting that Christian radio is such a hit or miss affair. I question sometimes whether programmers have any idea what they’re doing? Some of the preachers they consider broadcast worthy leaves me scratching my head. KPSZ Praise 940 seems endeared with “charismatic” preachers to this day. Charles Capps, Ken and Lynette Hagin, and various other “Name it and claim it!” charlatans. WHO 1040 has the 15 minute “Children’s Bible Hour” and a couple of others.

The picture above is of my favorite radio preacher, Adrian Rogers. Ain’t nobody preaches the bible better than him. A couple of them might use the bible as much, but none more. You combine that with the voice of God and he’s a keeper. He like most of the really good ones, are long since gone from this world. Donald Grey Barnhouse, J. Vernon McGhee and others. Some still around are Ravi Zacharias, Ronald L. Dart, David Jerimiah, Colin Smith, Dr. Erwin Lutzer, Alistair Begg, R.C. Sproul, Greg Laurie and several others I’m forgetting.

I have heard some sermons. One of their favorite to preach on and my least favorite to hear is the pod eating prodigal son. My gosh they love that one. One thing hearing hundreds of sermons over the years has done is cause me to do some thinking, such as it were. Many is the time I’ve heard them preach on Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. They just pranced around naked eating apples, rolling in the grass, working on their tan.

Then one day it occurred to me, how idyllic could it have been? The Devil was there! Good grief. Satan crawling around tempting Eve, of course things went off the rails. Never understood that one. You put THE Devil in with 2 idiot people and wonder why they fail? And another one, did we really need Hagar to beget Ishmael? You could a forgot to beget that one, Islam is a plague upon the earth. What are we supposed to do with those head lopping SOBs?

Hearing preachers preach what the bible actually says, makes it rather glaring just how wrong Hollywood gets it. In “Its a Wonderful Life!“, Clarence as an angel is a dead person working to get his wings (in reality angels were created to help God get done what he wants done). They are not quirky old men but rather fearsome beings.

Another one is Samson. Hollywood portrays him as this musclebound hunk of a man. I think it was McGhee who pointed out that’s the last thing Samson was. People would have thought his strength came from within. He most likely would have been a very ordinary looking man, that way it would have been obvious his strength came from God.

Listening to these pastors on the radio off and on for 5 decades has been interesting. They’ve taught me a lot. The ones I didn’t list were for a reason. Some no kidding have speech impediments. Not a good thing when you’re on the radio. One I can’t think of at the moment comes on late at night on 99.3 FM. He wheezes like an asthmatic. Another one Michael Yousef has this affectation where when he gets to what he thinks is an important point, he repeats it 3 different ways. Every time….

One of the most interesting is really hit or miss: 1090 KAAY out of Little Rock. It can be really good, or really bad. And while the signal can be broadcast great distances, often atmospheric conditions make it impossible to pick up. Oh, and in the category of “What the hell were they thinking?“, you have 940 AM in Des Moines for at least 25 years, instead of finding a Christian program around noon to fill a spot, they run an infomercial. Dr. Michael Pinkus selling his magic jellyfish oil pills. The same commercial, day after day after day….

Replacing native populations

FAIR this morning on Facebook had a post about a Canadian political party that wants to slash “unsustainable immigration levels“. There have been memes like the one above and other articles proclaiming that if you don’t go along with it, you’re a “racist!”.

A lot of people have suspected this is all the brainchild of the UNs refugee relocation strategy. For example taking sand people and instead of relocating them a couple of hundred miles away in similar cultures, they put them thousands of miles away in Nordic countries where the new cultures are an affront to their sensibilities.

Oil and water as it were. They way I look at it is how are the advanced countries benefitting? I mean you have these shithole countries that got that way how? By being stocked with shitheads. That’s logical isn’t it? I mean shit didn’t just happen. Somebody made it happen. As Bosch Fawstin said:

“The reason multiculturalism exists is to pretend that inferior cultures aren’t inferior and that superior cultures aren’t superior. It’s a way to tell nice lies about rotten cultures and rotten lies about great cultures.”

The liberals in charge seem intent on bringing down the great countries until we are all a generic mediocrity. With the new societal plan being a mosaic instead of a melting pot, I don’t see how tribal conflicts won’t be the order of the day. I suppose once that level of global discord is reached, the only “solution” will be for dictatorial rule from the United Nations since we can’t all get along.

We don’t even tax the richest

As America enters third stage bankruptcy, its amazing we don’t even tax the wealthiest. No wonder we’re going bankrupt, we’re not taxing the majority of the wealth. In a few years (2024 by some estimates, 2026 by others), the intelligentsia will suddenly discover a fiscal crisis! Something must be done now! The national debt will then be so large it can no longer be ignored. The rest of us saw a problem 25 years ago when there was roughly only a  $3.5 trillion dollar national debt.

The picture of Mary Greeley Hospital in Ames is a good representation of the problem. Mary Greeley is the largest employer in Story County, yet they pay no taxes, does anyone see a problem here? I counted up one time I think there were 32 churches in Ames, they don’t pay taxes. At the university in Ames there are various Foundations associated with it, they don’t pay taxes. When you’re not taxing the majority of the wealth you’re going to have a problem.

That’s the issue, Churches, Hospitals and Foundations don’t pay taxes.

Just in one small town there are billions of dollars not being taxed. Let me rephrase that, not officially. They have payoffs they make to political cronies to escape the tax man, but they don’t officially pay taxes. They just make sure to contribute to the right people. So in just 5 to 7 years when SSA and Medicare payments are drastically slashed because we’re out of money, hurting the poor the most, the richest will continue to go untaxed.

Forget “their fair share”, they’re not paying anything.

Swear to God a lot of people think hospitals are charities. Because they are categorized as “nonprofits”, a lot of people think they don’t make money! That’s simply their classification for tax purposes. It took me 50 years to figure it out but I did. In every community every hospital has been on a 50 year building spree. That’s cause they can only hold so much cash. I noticed it 40 years ago at Mercy Hospital in Des Moines. They were on a building spree then and they’ve never ceased.

They can’t hold all that excess income as cash.

They can only pay a certain amount of ungodly salary to 10 times the administrators and hospital board members they should have, before it begins to look obscene. So they have to do something with the cash. In Ames, Mary Greeley’s façade on the addition wasn’t going to match the old covering (you wouldn’t want them to not be fashionable would you??), so they literally tore off ALL the old exterior at some incredible cost, to put on a new exterior to match the addition!

People are really so stupid they don’t know what’s going on. Rush and other RINOs like to say “The poor don’t even pay taxes!” What they are referring to is the Federal Income Tax. A.) They do. And B.) You better believe they pay SSA and Medicare tax on every dime they earn. The rich don’t. The rich quit paying tax on SSA once their wages go above  $113,000.

Hallmark and “Christian” movies

It is really a shame what Larry Levinson and the Hallmark Channel have done to Janette Oke’s ‘Love’ series. The latest two installments played this past week, ‘Love Begins’, and ‘Love’s Everlasting Courage’. Wikipedia calls Janette Oke a “committed evangelical Christian”. Her own website is all about Jesus. Yet they have managed to make a complete series of “Christian” movies without Christ.

Only in Hollywood. It was funny in one episode to hear the Clark character refer to God the ‘Father’, Fathers generally have Sons. I notice Hallmark and Levinson have also done that with their Christmas movies. It takes some doing to have Christmas without Jesus.

Rather than just profit off of Christian themes, and not include Jesus, I wish they would just quit. They are misleading people. Much like in the first ‘Left Behind’ movie with Kirk Cameron. No mention of Jesus or the gospel message.

I wonder how many other people have noticed it? And are sick of Hollywood’s profiteering? The latest offenses of profiteering, were the movies, Soul Surfer and the The Genesis Code. Movies that were promoted and sold to Christians, but didn’t contain Jesus. How much good could have been done by Hollywood, if there had been even just ONE Christian owned studio? And it had spread the Gospel message.

People a lot of times find this post by doing a search for ‘Larry Levinson’ or ‘Hallmark channel movies’. Often times they pose the search as a question: ‘Is Larry Levinson a Christian?’ Or, ‘Is Hallmark channel Christian?’

Those questions always give me a bit of a smile. It displays the naiveté Americans have about Hollywood. There are no Christian studios in Hollywood, and there are no Christian producers. To think that there are, is a bit mindboggling to me. To be Christian involves Jesus. What exactly comes from Hollywood that involves Jesus?

Think about it people. It turns out to be a case of “follow the money”. Hollywood wants to profit off of ‘religion’, they just don’t want to spread Christianity. 30 shekels of silver.

[The latest search query (12/27/15) that caused me to smile: “Why the Hallmark channel never mentions the name of Jesus?” (11/24/16 update) They did it again last night in the premiere of their movie ‘Christmas in Homestead’. They took out the line “Christ is born in Bethlehem”, from the song Hark! The Herald Angels Sing. In the ‘Christmas In July’ of 2017 they played the movie, ‘December Wedding’ which took place in a church. In order to obscure the cross which is in every Christian church, they placed garland in front of the cross, picture below. No church would cover up the cross of Christ. Hallmark doesn’t celebrate Christmas, they have a war on it. What they celebrate is a nonspecific winter holiday. (11/2/17 update) A Cookie Cutter Christmas opens with two girls at the school pageant singing Silent Night. They leave out the closing line, the whole point of the song, “Christ the Savior is Born!” At the same time it occurs to me while they’re afraid to say the name of Jesus for fear of offending someone, they are getting ready to run their entire series on witchcraft with Catherine Bell! Jesus offends but witchcraft doesn’t??]

A funny aside to this was what occurred to me while watching Young Sheldon tonight (12/3/20). Nearly every episode they mention the name of Jesus once or twice. Its usually a laugh line aimed at their bible thumping mother, but still, its a mention. Which is more than Hallmark.



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