Practical situational awareness

As society degenerates further and further, it pays (even in small town Iowa) to have some sense of self-defense capability. This especially came to mind when a young woman was mugged in the evening at a park here in Ames a couple of Sundays ago. On YouTube its all about the best weapon or the best martial art to keep you safe. None of that will matter if you get ambushed.

Texas sentencing reminds one of Ames injustice

The sentencing down in Texas of that homicidally incompetent cop Amber Guyger, reminded me of the lack of consequences of when Ames officer Adam McPherson gunned down in cold blood the unarmed 19 year old Tyler Comstock . The chase was over when Comstock’s truck was stuck between a tree and a squad car, and McPherson shot him where he sat. McPherson claimed felony engine revving (Comstock’s tires were spinning on the wet grass because he was pinned in).

McPherson was “cleared of all wrongdoing”. How I’m not sure. Probably had a lot to do with the lazy and incompetent Story County Attorney at the time. The one thing they’re good at is protecting each other, in a sort of homicidal circle jerk. The Texas cop got a whole 10 years for murder. It came out today she’s up for parole in 5. Which, as questionable as 5 years is, is at least something. Sorry Tyler, the system failed you many, many times.

.45 on the hip

It will be interesting to see where we are 1 year from now, now that Florida teachers who have met the requirements can carry a firearm in school. The naysayers have predictably predicted the end of the world as we know it! I never have and never will understand the righteousness of not only dying in a “pure” manner, but letting those in your charge be slaughtered as well?!

As a gun knowledgeable person it amazes me what won’t be tried in the schools. There are ‘smart’ guns that require a coded ring, watch or fingerprint to make the gun workable. There are quick access gun safes that would mount under a desk to provide perfect gun security. Rather than a fairly hard to use handgun, a carbine or shotgun could be mounted in a concealed wall safe.

None of this will be utilized in favor of the cliched ‘.45 on the hip’, open to all the problems. Having it taken from the teacher, inaccurate in its use. We’ll see. My other gripe is it will stop there. 1% of the staff being armed with a firearm, instead of 100% being armed with non-lethal means. After the first accident they’ll say, “See! It doesn’t work!”

They’ll adopt the pervasive “can’t do” attitude sweeping America in the last several generations, and not attempt all means necessary to guard kids. The skills every teacher is capable of using with a non-lethal weapon. I had someone try to tell me online, “Oh 25 states or so already let teachers be armed.” Yeah? Then why are they making such a big deal about Florida?

They’re the canary in the coal mine. If it should be a rousing success, I could see self-defense breaking out in any number of areas. Convenience stores, box stores, malls, sports stadiums….

The top of the pyramid has no ‘sides’

Ever since the 2016 election Democrats have been talking about overturning the will of the people through the impeachment of President Trump. He hadn’t even taken office and they were plotting his removal! Russia Gate was supposed to do that and failed. Recently this nonsense about Ukraine is their next best hope. Which is funny as they are completely ignoring Joe and Hunter Biden’s self enrichment schemes, to invent stuff about Trump.

Trump always thought his ace in the hole was the Republican Senate when it came to an impeachment vote. You’d think that. I predicted in a November 2016 post the backstabbing that would go on in that Senate led by John McCain. I hadn’t counted on him assuming room temperature. No matter, Mitt Romney stepped up to take his place.

He along with 10 other Republican Senators voted with the Democrats to take away Trump’s funding of the border wall through an emergency declaration (not that any of this matters, Ann Coulter discovered that the only wall being built is replacement wall, not new wall). From what I understand only 18 Republican votes are needed for an impeachment conviction (67 votes representing a two thirds majority). These 11 have shown their true colors for the umpteenth time.

Susan Collins (ME), Mitt Romney (UT), retiring Sen. Lamar Alexander (TN), along with Sens. Roy Blunt (MO), Mike Lee (UT), Jerry Moran (KS), Lisa Murkowski (AK), Rand Paul (KY), Rob Portman (OH), Pat Toomey (PA), and Roger Wicker (MS). 11 traitors. 11 Deep State operatives. These 11 showed just last week what they were capable of.

Trump was elected on 1 issue: illegal immigration. These 11 voted to take away funding for a wall to prevent that. These 11 would easily vote for impeachment, “For the good of the country.” The Senate is currently divided 51 – 49. Those 11 put the count at 60. They just need 7 more. You know Joni Ernst is good for it. That leaves 6. With the entire media calling for impeachment? I wouldn’t want to be Trump.

The point of the title is that Washington is not built on a Left vs Right divide. At the top there is the Elite, the Insiders, the Deep State, the Establishment, and everybody else. Trump is not part of the in crowd, he is for the People. It seems the American people will never get past the con.

The dollar is being rejected for world trade. Guess what happens to $22 trillion dollars in debt, when the dollar is no longer the reserve currency?

The media blindfolds us and has us chasing these colorful Democrat vs Republican piñatas (AOC, impeachment, climate change), and the real story goes untold. All the media puts out is utter nonsense. In the video below, Rob Kirby outlines what is happening and it comes down to common sense once again. They distract us with bullshit like impeachment and global warming, and the real crisis can be seen if you’re watching oil production and the dollar supply.

You gotta follow the money. In the 70’s the drumbeat of the anti-establishment radical to explain U.S. foreign policy was, “Its all about the oil!” Turns out they were right. Most people don’t understand why other countries aren’t allowed to wrack up the staggering amounts of debt like we have. I don’t understand it all either, not even close. Basically it all comes down to the fact we don’t have honest banking anymore.

At the end of the rainbow there is nothing backing our currency, a pot of gold, something of real worth. Its all debt based. “Fractional reserve” banking. They make money by loaning out what they don’t have. They have to make loans, for that is when the slight of hand takes place. Its all based on everyone going along with the scam, only now the rest of the world is no longer comfortable with the House of Cards.

[In the ultimate bit of irony, cheap Mexican labor wasn’t cheap enough. Today virtually all Piñatas are made in China.]

Freedom lost

At a recent gun show I stopped by the Iowa Firearms Coalition table to ask them (as they lobby at the state house), how secure our right to carry was in Iowa? Their answer shocked me. They said that as soon as Democrats get the majority back they’ll try to repeal it. Boom. That’s not the answer I wanted to hear.

It was to be expected though. Half the country wants to impeach the best president we ever had. Half the country wants to real the 2nd Amendment without going through the process. Half the country wants to import the 3rd world. Half the country wants “universal income” and free medical for all! Half the country can’t tell a boy from girl and doesn’t know what bathroom to use. 

Its absurd. We’re supposed to be “One nation under God”, with these kooks? I don’t see it. I can’t believe I’m the only one who sees it? There used to be a phrase they’d spout after a cantankerous election, “In the end, we’re all Americans!” That’s not true anymore. Aside from the fact our borders have been left unguarded so that all the global riff raff could walk in, we’re not technically all “Americans”, nor in the way we think. 

This country functionally needs to be split in two, if not three parts. The differences are simply too great to live as one anymore. In the darker corners of YouTube you’ll see the videos about a coming Civil War. You have Dem candidate Beto O’Rourke proudly proclaiming he is coming for our guns! That doesn’t bode well for a “peaceful” society. 


I predict!

The Ames City Council is a non-stop Gatling gun of costly boondoggles to the Ames taxpayer. They overwhelm you with stupid so its impossible to keep up. I predict their next foray into dumb will be a new stand alone Police Station. Right now they share facilities with City Hall. What causes me to say that? Nothing more than gut instinct.

Cops are high maintenance. Few people know a street cop is pulling down $80K. God knows what lieutenants, captains and detectives are being paid. Their vehicles are never more than 5 years old. And there is nothing stock about a cop car. Double the cost of its civilian equivalent.

But the main thing is where their station is now, right on the corner of 6th and Clark. Its too visible. Cops don’t do anything and they don’t like that being highlighted by glaring visibility. I can see plans coming for a new gazillion dollar station coming for either east 13th Street or east Lincoln Way. Out of sight out of mind.

One gun

“If I knew then what I know now….” Oy vey. I tend to count pennies. For about 3 cartons of cigarettes or 10 cases of beer ($200), you can get the only firearm you’ll ever need (I didn’t say ‘want’ I said need). First off you have to determine caliber. After many stupid purchases I figured out 2 simple things. For a carry / home defense gun you have to consider the ubiquitous term “stopping power”.

There are endless theories on this. About any caliber is adequate when it comes to stopping the usually delicate human body. But one thing is generally agreed upon is that a 9mm with a round like Federal’s HST is quite adequate. As a .22 rimfire would likely do the job, the guy hopped up on drugs or adrenaline would definitely be more likely to be stopped by a 9mm.

The other consideration in self-defense is what caliber would allow you to practice till the cows come home? One that is inexpensive to shoot and doesn’t punish you (felt recoil) for shooting it? The 9mm at $9 a box fills that niche. That puts you at 1,000 rounds for $180. For a lot of shooters, that’s a lifetime supply. Other calibers are easily double or triple that amount.

So once you’ve figured out the caliber, you have to figure out the gun. If you want to spend $800 or $900 dollars you have a lot of great choices. If you want to spend just $200, it narrows rapidly. The gun pictured above is the SCCY CPX-2. 10 + 1 rounds, reliable, small and light weight (15 ounces). It doesn’t get any better than that. Almost as good are the Taurus G2C and the Diamondback. They are a little bigger, a little heavier and have a safety. The SCCY is just pull and squeeze.

There, I just saved you thousands of dollars in dumb choices. For home defense a carbine or shotgun is the best choice. But you can’t carry those. So if you were to have only 1 gun…

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