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Government is the problem not the solution

Peter Hitchens

Peter and Christopher Hitchens had some interesting family dynamics. Peter being a Christian and Christopher being a godless communist. In this video Peter is saying there’s no “white horse” on the horizon. Nothing is going to save the West.

One of his markers is something so basic as freedom of speech, that he mentions witnessing an academic on Twitter defend measures censoring speech. He and the host discuss how British society was brought out of its dysfunction of the 1800’s through a process of evangelization by the likes of John Wesley and others.

That right there is what “leaders” (both political and religious) in America can’t seem to grasp. Both groups think/act like salvation for America will come by way of the Republican Party. I can assure them it won’t. There is not a political solution to a spiritual problem. Most of this stems from a lack of understanding of Natural Law.

How many times over the last 40 or 50 years have I heard a politician exhort the base with vows of “returning prayer to our public schools!” In the year 2021 that sounds like the nonsensical gibberish it was. The communists own the schools. If you wish to have any effect at all, droves of parents and children must leave those schools.

The bottom line was the Left knew they could not accomplish their goals as long as Christianity was a force. Self-regulating, hardworking, moral people do not need total government that they prescribe. An immoral and helpless people do. A strong family unit is death to the Left’s agenda.

They do not fear the Republican Party, they fear Christians and Christianity.

Boiled down to its essence, what we face is a country divided where one half wants total government, and the other half wants minimal government. And what John Adams warned us:

Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

Which would be fine, but as Cornelius Rye points out:

Basically the left stripped our entire society of its morals and then declared themselves the arbiters of morality.”

So that in a nutshell is the conundrum: The government we have was not designed for a bunch of godless and immoral people.

The FBI commits more crimes then it stops

Oh my God. Just when you think it can’t get any worse. The FBI this past week not only raided the homes of 3 Project Veritas reporters, they leaked details about it and inside info to the New York Times. The nation’s “premiere” law enforcement agency commits more crimes than it fights.

I thought they had hit rock bottom when they let that Olympic doctor molest 169 more girls after they had been notified, before they finally got off their ass and did something.

Or every time before a mass shooting they’re notified by the shooters friend or family member and they can’t even be bothered to do a little surveillance.

Or when they wanted to arrest Roger Stone (on bullshit charges), they didn’t just call him up and tell him to come down. They did a no-knock pre-dawn raid, after notifying CNN so the camera crew could be there.

Or back in the day when they killed Randy Weaver’s wife while she held their infant child.

Or when they burned alive all those children at Waco.

Or when they provided the explosives that blew up in the basement of the WTC in ’93.

Or in the latest case of malfeasance, they “lost” 2 videos from their riot surveillance drones that would have helped Kyle Rittenhouse, by showing the people firing on Kyle.

Nope, every time you think the FBI couldn’t get any worse, they do.

Who put him there?

These are the sort of derelicts Kyle Rittenhouse was facing that night in Kenosha, but why was he there? From what I gather he had a summer job in Kenosha working as a lifeguard. Maybe some friends had a dad whose small business was being threatened by the Antifa and BLM scum, and they asked Kyle to come stand guard.

Whose bright idea was that? To stick a 17 year old in the middle of a riot with a rifle? What good did they suppose was going to come out of that? Those chicken bastard Kenosha cops were standing down. They not only failed to protect life and property, they didn’t try. So all their training and equipment, their command, control and communication infrastructure, all for nothing.

So you end up with an idealistic 17 year old trying to do a man’s job, when it turns out there aren’t no men in Kenosha. Just Antifa and BLM scum. Now the kid is on trial for his life. He wouldn’t be there if the cops had done their job. Then you have the national media trying to try him in the court of public opinion, all to satisfy the criminals on the Left. Never been a more clear case of good versus evil.

Have any Republican members of Congress defended Kyle Rittenhouse? Please mention any. If there are any. Tulsi Gabbard, a Democrat, just pointed out the obvious today that charges should have never even been filed. Anyone else? – Mark Dice

Sometimes I ask myself: “Why has FOX News given AOC $879 million dollars worth of free advertising?”

You take someone (AOC) who hasn’t served 3 years and build her up into this incredible force. She isn’t Speaker of the House, she isn’t Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, she isn’t anybody! She’s a nobody from New York that they’ve built up into a somebody. Now why would a ‘conservative’ news organization do that? They barely if ever mention Marjorie Taylor-Greene. MTG forced her way in to check on the welfare of the January 6 detainees. She goes mask-less on the floor of the House. But not a peep out of FOX. Or Lauren Boebert. She’s another Republican House hero, but all FOX wants to talk about is AOC.

Marjorie Taylor-Greene
Colorado's Boebert discloses husband's work for energy firm
Lauren Boebert

This quote has never been more relevant

See the source image
Alan Greenspan

“The abandonment of the gold standard made it possible for the welfare statists to use the banking system as a means to an unlimited expansion of credit. In the absence of the gold standard, there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation. There is no safe store of value. Deficit spending is simply a scheme for the hidden confiscation of wealth. Gold stands in the way of this insidious process. It stands as a protector of property rights. If one grasps this, one has no difficulty in understanding the statists’ antagonism toward the gold standard.” – Alan Greenspan

I like succinctness. This paragraph doesn’t say everything, but it says a lot. Greenspan said this is 1966 I believe, when you could still be honest. Then over the ensuing 50 years government became the enemy of the people, and now all we get are lies.

But what is going on right now, the inflation, the collapse of our currency, the “supply chain problems”, all are a result of ‘funny money’. Going off the gold standard. Me, Ron Paul and a few other people understand this, but not many.

Its all blah blah

Image result for man on a ledge

I still think you’d want to take a few precautions at America’s newsrooms this morning, as the reality of a Republican victory* in Virginia sets in. Keep the lights low, play soothing music, remove all sharp objects from the room. Not let them be alone. Provide coloring books. Bring in a therapy puppy.

I think I read its been 14 years since a Republican won a statewide office in Virginia. Biden won the state by 10 points just last year. With Youngkin winning by 2 that’s a 12 point swing in 12 months. Amazing the non-coattails Biden has. That he should “win” with the largest vote count in history, and lose seats in Congress. Huh.

If I were Youngkin I don’t think I’d be popping the Champagne (cham-pag-knee) corks just yet. They are just now finding suitcases full of ballots. And the court challenges haven’t even started yet. But, you might see the Governor’s office.

I had the most brilliant observation yesterday (as I often do) to a FOX News analysis of the Virginia election. They were going on about ‘key’ counties, and who white suburban women might go for, and I said bullshit. That’s all blah blah. It all comes down to can McAuliffe cheat enough to win? And the answer evidently is a cautious not yet.

[*victory is all rather illusory with a Democrat when its under 10 percentage points.]

Fighting Israel’s wars

“The fact is, we don’t have to be in the Middle East, other than we want to protect Israel. We’ve been very good to Israel. Other than that, we don’t have to be in the Middle East.”
– Donald Trump

“Four days ago, Donald Trump said the U.S. isn’t involved in the Middle East for oil, but because we “want to protect Israel.” The comments have gone all but unreported in the mainstream press.” – mondoweiss

Once again, Trump goes truth blurting.

Fight for Israel | A. Wyatt Mann | Know Your Meme

Barrett and Kavanaugh side with liberals to strike down Texas abortion law and religious liberty exemption!

All that caterwauling from the commie left about Texas’ abortion law and how the “world was going to end!”, and here comes Barrett and Kavanaugh to strike it down.

Then you had the anti-vaxxers claiming a religious exemption to not be forced to take the COVID vaccine, and danged if Barrett and Kavanaugh don’t do it again!

This is on top of the other screw jobs they’ve done to conservatives the past year. All we ever heard as conservatives was why we had to “coalesce” around less than desirable “Republicans”.

Because we had to have the right judges appointed! We’re supposed to be “6 – 3” on the court?? Would 7 – 2 do it? (we had that in the 90’s) 8 – 1? Not a chance.

Something is really phucked up

I check in on the WND (world net daily) site yesterday and see this:

“IMPORTANT NOTE TO COMMENTERS: Due to threatened Big Tech de-monetization, we have temporarily removed commenting while we take a week or two to enable our tech team to build a long-term commenting solution that will allow you to continue to voice your opinions freely, while also allowing us to continue to publish the news fearlessly and cover topics of vital importance to our nation. So stay tuned. Commenting will be back – soon. In the meantime, if you would like to partner with WND to help us continue publishing while under relentless assault by Big Tech, please visit our WND Insider page for an ad-free reading experience, and also consider donating to the nonprofit WND News Center. Thanks for your loyalty and understanding.”

The exact same thing happened to the Federalist a little over a year ago. For some reason Google Ads has the ability to tell WND and the Federalist that they can’t have a comment section on their own damn website! Damned if I understand it. That does not sound like the land of the free and the home of the brave. To me at least.

Which is funny because GD liberal sites don’t have a comments section! They always get wiped out where free speech exists. They only survive in an environment of highly regulated and tightly controlled speech. Censorship in other words.

Tucker Carlson: Censorship is mainstream media’s last dying grasp at relevance

You must love it!

Latin American invasion force

We imported the 3rd world, we became the 3rd world. People (norms) are too stupid to realize what open borders are doing / have done to this (used to be) nation. A parenthetical post is appropriate as its the only way to convey that we are transitioning right now. This moment. We are literally watching history in the making.

You are seeing a first world nation transition into a 3rd world shithole. You read about it in history class as a child or saw programs about it on the History Channel, and now you get to watch it live. Having advanced age I can look back and see how things were and should be, and now have it hit me over the head in such a stark fashion how things are and will be.

Its not good. Being an activist my whole life I would see a problem and fight to change it. You actually had a chance for exacting (or felt you did) that change back then. Now you see that you don’t and probably never did. One of the funniest aspects of this was the ‘diversion‘ they ran on us to accomplish this. As a child and way into adulthood the threat to America as told by our leaders was the Soviet Union.

As it turns out they couldn’t even hold themselves together let alone take over us. But the thought that always occurs to me is how our government spent the U.S. taxpayer into oblivion “protecting” us from the Soviet threat (and enriching the defense industry). We are actually being taken over by Mexico and their fellow beaners from Latin America, what are you going to do? Put a battleship up the Rio Grande?

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