Freedom lost

At a recent gun show I stopped by the Iowa Firearms Coalition table to ask them (as they lobby at the state house), how secure our right to carry was in Iowa? Their answer shocked me. They said that as soon as Democrats get the majority back they’ll try to repeal it. Boom. That’s not the answer I wanted to hear.

It was to be expected though. Half the country wants to impeach the best president we ever had. Half the country wants to real the 2nd Amendment without going through the process. Half the country wants to import the 3rd world. Half the country wants “universal income” and free medical for all! Half the country can’t tell a boy from girl and doesn’t know what bathroom to use. 

Its absurd. We’re supposed to be “One nation under God”, with these kooks? I don’t see it. I can’t believe I’m the only one who sees it? There used to be a phrase they’d spout after a cantankerous election, “In the end, we’re all Americans!” That’s not true anymore. Aside from the fact our borders have been left unguarded so that all the global riff raff could walk in, we’re not technically all “Americans”, nor in the way we think. 

This country functionally needs to be split in two, if not three parts. The differences are simply too great to live as one anymore. In the darker corners of YouTube you’ll see the videos about a coming Civil War. You have Dem candidate Beto O’Rourke proudly proclaiming he is coming for our guns! That doesn’t bode well for a “peaceful” society. 


I predict!

The Ames City Council is a non-stop Gatling gun of costly boondoggles to the Ames taxpayer. They overwhelm you with stupid so its impossible to keep up. I predict their next foray into dumb will be a new stand alone Police Station. Right now they share facilities with City Hall. What causes me to say that? Nothing more than gut instinct.

Cops are high maintenance. Few people know a street cop is pulling down $80K. God knows what lieutenants, captains and detectives are being paid. Their vehicles are never more than 5 years old. And there is nothing stock about a cop car. Double the cost of its civilian equivalent.

But the main thing is where their station is now, right on the corner of 6th and Clark. Its too visible. Cops don’t do anything and they don’t like that being highlighted by glaring visibility. I can see plans coming for a new gazillion dollar station coming for either east 13th Street or east Lincoln Way. Out of sight out of mind.

One gun

“If I knew then what I know now….” Oy vey. I tend to count pennies. For about 3 cartons of cigarettes or 10 cases of beer ($200), you can get the only firearm you’ll ever need (I didn’t say ‘want’ I said need). First off you have to determine caliber. After many stupid purchases I figured out 2 simple things. For a carry / home defense gun you have to consider the ubiquitous term “stopping power”.

There are endless theories on this. About any caliber is adequate when it comes to stopping the usually delicate human body. But one thing is generally agreed upon is that a 9mm with a round like Federal’s HST is quite adequate. As a .22 rimfire would likely do the job, the guy hopped up on drugs or adrenaline would definitely be more likely to be stopped by a 9mm.

The other consideration in self-defense is what caliber would allow you to practice till the cows come home? One that is inexpensive to shoot and doesn’t punish you (felt recoil) for shooting it? The 9mm at $9 a box fills that niche. That puts you at 1,000 rounds for $180. For a lot of shooters, that’s a lifetime supply. Other calibers are easily double or triple that amount.

So once you’ve figured out the caliber, you have to figure out the gun. If you want to spend $800 or $900 dollars you have a lot of great choices. If you want to spend just $200, it narrows rapidly. The gun pictured above is the SCCY CPX-2. 10 + 1 rounds, reliable, small and light weight (15 ounces). It doesn’t get any better than that. Almost as good are the Taurus G2C and the Diamondback. They are a little bigger, a little heavier and have a safety. The SCCY is just pull and squeeze.

There, I just saved you thousands of dollars in dumb choices. For home defense a carbine or shotgun is the best choice. But you can’t carry those. So if you were to have only 1 gun…

Pissing in the wind

[The latest edition of American Rifleman arrived in the mail today. For the uninitiated that is 1 of 3 choices members of the NRA have for magazines. Jason Ouimet had the privilege of rehashing the same arguments I’ve heard for over 40 years as a gun owner, between gun grabbers and gun owners. I saw the light a couple of years ago and decided to write the NRA! Yes I realize its pointless and futile. In the end it is not about gun rights, but about fund raising.]

Dear Jason Ouimet,

I saw your article about the latest attempts of the gun grabbers. We are at a stalemate. I keep hearing the same very passionate arguments from both sides for over 40 years that I have been a gun owner. I see 2 areas that we are operating from a position of weakness:

1.) There are only 2 classifications of firearms, long guns & handguns, even though there should be at least 5.
2.) 18 yr olds should not be treated the same as a 25 yr old, when it comes to purchasing.

I realize this will fall on deaf ears, but here goes. Point 1: All firearms are not equal. I don’t see why firearms couldn’t be rated by caliber, magazine capacity, rate of fire, velocity, effective range. You know better than anyone the difference of lethality between various weapons. To classify a 3 round .410 shotgun the same as an 8 round 12 gauge pump seems ridiculous to me. To classify 2 pistols the same as the 6 shot Raven in .25 auto the same as a 17 round Taurus TH9 in 9mm. Legally those 2 pistols are treated the same. They are in fact no way similar in deadliness.

The last example leads to the second point. Many people have died because extremely young men (age 18 or not much older) have been handed the most deadly civilian firearm on the planet, the AR-15. The purchase requirements are exactly the same for a single shot .22 rim fire rifle, as they are for an AR-15. Its simply asinine to turn over to a young male whose brain science tells us won’t fully mature until age 24 or 25 the top rifle.

I don’t care if its driving, or pilots, or medicine, or you name the field, we don’t turn over to 18 year olds the ultimate responsibility. 18 yr olds can’t be cops, can’t be bus drivers, can’t be doctors, can’t be airline pilots… they first have to demonstrate ability, training, experience, and trustworthiness. (Yes I realize Congress relies on rash and immature 18 yr olds to join the military and go fight their stupid wars.)

I’m not talking about banning anything! I’m saying purchase and ownership requirements have to change. This is obvious to anybody but the NRA. I’m saying an 18 yr old should be starting out with single-shots, 3 round magazines, double barrels. A 21 yr old maybe smaller capacity handguns, pump shotguns. Then at age 25, if they have reached top qualification for all weapons, and no infractions have occurred.

In my state a 16 yr old can get a drivers license. Does that mean we hand a 16 year old the keys to a Greyhound and the lives of 80 passengers and say “Here ya go!” No of course not. Greyhound requires demonstrated training, ability and track record and a minimum age of 24.

Mugging in Ames

People generally feel really safe in Ames. I know women who think nothing of going running 9 o’clock at night. Another one who walks at 5 am. The feeling I get is that people generally are in denial, that “its nots going to happen to me”. They are also afraid of offending a protected class, that is also in a demographic that is off the charts in attack probability. Tough crap.

You need to give any male under 40 the once over. Some more than others. In the mugging Sunday night of a young woman adjacent to the Bandshell Park in Ames, its unclear whether the jogger saw the man when she stopped to send a text. It was about 7:40 pm, which is dusk this time of year. The woman was hit over the head and stabbed.

I noticed the other day when I was in Ankeny all the cop cars driving around. It reminded me in Ames while there are 8 or 9 cops in patrol vehicles each shift, you rarely see them on the street. Where are they? Ames isn’t that big of a town, and the ‘bad’ parts of town really aren’t that big. They should have a pretty good idea of “the usual suspects”, if they were patrolling. Its not hard to get a feel for sketchy males between 15 and 40.

Since a jogger isn’t going to have a bunch of cash or a purse on her, you have to assume it was a sexual assault. So have the cops looked at the security tapes of the dirty bookstore 2 blocks away? Have they shown his description to the strip club 1 block away? You have a lone male hanging around on the streets for no discernible purpose, you need to be asking why.

Are you going to follow up in a couple of weeks with the victim? Show her some photos. I just don’t think cops get off their dead ass. This guy has been up to no good in other areas. If you had investigated those that were “too small” to waste your time on, you might have prevented this one. This guy didn’t start with stabbing this gal, he’s been leading up to it with previous ‘creepy’ interactions with women. If he gets away with this, look out. Just last year an ISU woman golfer was murdered on a golf course just south of this incident.

Its all about forewarning. If your head is on a swivel, you’ll have time to blow the whistle, deploy the mace, walk to the other side of the street, scream, hit the button on your body alarm, get ready to kick him in the shin, or just plain run. Run Fu is often the best martial art. He didn’t just wake up that morning and go, “I think I’ll hit a woman over the head and stab her today.” He’s been building up to it. He’s left a trail, find it.

Facebook readers lack comprehension skills

Facebook had an article from Breitbart about AOC this morning. I don’t even remember what it was about. I do remember the reaction I got to a comment I made. I simply made the comment that she had a lot of gumption and imagine what it would be like if Republicans had half the spunk she did?

Well! That certainly didn’t sit well with the brain trust on Facebook. Show them a picture of AOC and its like ringing Pavlov’s bell, they begin salivating and attacking immediately! They began to tell me that I had called her smart and that in fact she was dumb! They told me that I had said she was good for America and that she was bad for America!

They also told me that I had called her a capitalist when in fact she was a socialist! I came away from the experience convinced that the average Facebook visitor reads at the level of a 3rd grader. They don’t read for comprehension, its more of an interpretive reading thing they have going on.

They interpret what you say in a wildly different manner then what you actually said. I had simply said she had courage, and wouldn’t it be remarkable if the Republicans had some of that? That’s all. It was just amazing the reaction I got. People that stupid are driving on our highways? Operating dangerous equipment? Voting? Living next-door? That’s scary!

“Nearly half of the U.S.’s homeless people live in one state: California”

This headline and picture were a story from Market Watch. I’ve seen enough of these stories that I’m beginning to believe they really do think “homelessness” is the problem. How is that possible? How can they be so stupid? Its the symptom.

Say you could wave a magic wand and give everyone of these people a ‘home’. Within a year they would have phucked it up. Burnt it down, cluttered it up, got thrown out for not paying taxes, etc. These people are masters of self-destruction.

Alcohol, drugs, mental illness and laziness. That’s their problem, not “homelessness”. Damn, this isn’t that tough. And when you have corrupt SOBs like former Governor Branstad closing down Iowa’s treatment facilities, its just criminal. No wonder they can’t solve the problem, they can’t properly identify it.

Gun Show! Gun Show! Gun Show!

Trade Show Productions today (Sept. 20, 21, 22) is holding the first of probably 3 gun shows this fall at the Fairgrounds in Des Moines. Most people in Iowa of course have never been to one. The people who run Trade Show are jerks. The admission cost will be $8 just to walk in the door. The websites that are advertising it lead you in saying its $7.

Gun shows are an interesting look into a segment of male Iowa culture. Its not a microcosm really, the guys who go to gun shows are pretty similar. They are about as honest and hardworking as you get, the attendees, not the vendors. Those guys will rip you off.

At the Des Moines show their will be a Polk County Sheriff deputy standing there at the door to put a plastic tie strap through the action of anyone bringing a weapon to sell. He’ll stand there and act like its only him that stands between us and complete bedlam. My ass. Like I say, the people who attend gun shows are as honest as it gets, and his gun is superfluous as the people there can actually hit what they aim at.

A lot of the vendors are more into gun storage then they are into sales. They operate under the “bigger idiot” theory, that there is always someone stupid enough that will come along to buy their over priced junk. Others are mom and pop teams wanting to sell guns. Like Sieh Guns of Avoca and Take A Shot. Those people price them to sell.

Trade Show shows they’re frauds by not welcoming in what they are selling, people with guns. Carry Permit holders not welcome. Its ludicrous, a lot of people went to a lot of work to get Iowans the right to carry, and Trade Show keeps them out. They make a big deal about “no photos or video!” Why’s that? What are you afraid of? Are you doing something bad? There used to be a bookseller that they banned from the show, a bookseller!

He sold edgy books that made you think. The things that everybody that goes to a gun show thinks. Trade Show doesn’t permit guns or thoughts at their show. They just want your money. Just bring cash. They basically betray all the values that let Americans have guns and provides them their livelihood.

But for intact males, gun shows are a fun place to go. Besides the obligatory rifles, pistols and shotguns, you have a myriad of other manly things. Beef jerky salesmen, holsters, military surplus, knives, guys who sharpen knives, lighted beer signs, people who just sell ammunition, fishing lures, NRA memberships, politicians…. its a great place.

25 years ago our nanny government wouldn’t actually let us carry, but we’d go to gun shows and buy the stuff we’d use if we’d actually had testicles. Now we can! Ever since January of 2011! Tis a glorious time. What’s better is more and more ‘norms’ are carrying now too! The more main street it gets the better off we’ll be.

At the last show in Cedar Rapids I noticed this one dealer who had gotten smart. He’d hired these 2 gorgeous platinum blonde women with big tits voluptuous bodies to work his table! That’s about the only thing guys like more than guns. I’m going to buy something from them this weekend. I don’t know what they’re selling, but I’m going to buy it.

What do the facts show?

In January of 2011 Iowa became a “shall issue” State in regards to citizens being able to defend themselves with a weapon. Up until then it had been left to the whims of Sheriffs like Fitzgerald in Story County and his counterparts in other liberal enclaves like Polk and Johnson Counties. Needless to say, the citizens were left defenseless.

I believe there was an explosion of citizens carrying handguns in Iowa. But I don’t know. In 15 months it will have been a decade. 10 years is a good number to compare crime stats from previous decades. At the time of the change there was the expected “the sky is falling” response from Iowa’s media bigshot, the Des Moines Register. I am not kidding, they predicted shootouts in restaurants over tables. Pitched gun battles in parking lots over the preferred stall.

I’m serious. They predicted all manner of calamity with citizens allowed to practice their natural right of self-protection. From what I can tell, none of that happened. But I also know I have no idea what happened to other relevant stats. Crime rates, homicide rates, accidental shootings and a host of others. Why rely on conjecture and slander? Let’s have at it. What do the facts show?

I’m afraid I don’t know how well this has been covered by local media. I had my “walkaway” moment from them about 3 1/2 years ago. I’ll have to pursue this through a couple of Iowa gun rights organizations.

What are the chances?

The news said Trump might announce a deal on gun control legislation this week. I can’t imagine the government getting it right. The last major piece of gun legislation the 1968 Gun Control Act didn’t. They thought they saw a major crime wave coming in imported 6+1 round .25 & .32 autos that they thought they had to ban. Cutting off the supply at one end led to the 19+1 round 9mm. A 20 round 9mm is so much more a lethal weapon than a .25 auto it would scare the living daylights out of a gun-grabber if they had a clue. Which they don’t.

They completely ignored large capacity semi-automatic rifles which had been in existence about 5 years at that time, to focus on ‘Saturday night specials’. And because they have only ever had 2 classifications of firearms, long guns and handguns, a single shot .22 rim fire rifle is treated the same as an AR-15. They shouldn’t be banning anything, but they should have a progressive scale of threshold to buy with tougher qualifications to own the most dangerous civilian firearm on the planet, instead of age 18. [Colt announced today 9/18 they were ceasing production of the AR-15.]

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